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For Bidders

...and a Check-List!




Check-List:  Here is a list of things to remember for your trip to Archer City!

1.  Proof of tax-exemption or resale certificate, regardless of home state.  Dealers or other tax-exempt bidders will need to provide proof of tax exemption at the time of registration, so don't forget this vital piece of paper!  A photo-copy of such documents will be just fine.

2.  Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, or Check.  Remember, there is no additional fee for using your credit or debit card for this sale -- which should make it easier for many of you.  Checks must clear before removing lots won, so that may be a preferred option for those who live nearby or do not have any issue with returning to collect their lots about one week after the sale.

3.  Photo ID.  You will need this to register.


4.  Boxes, if you can bring them.  We will have some boxes for sale at the venue.  But for those bringing trucks, it will be a good idea to bring as many of your own boxes as possible.



Tips & Answers:  At this point, we've received enough feedback to provide some general tips to bidders and give some answers to some of the typical questions.



1.  Those who have the most time to spend at the preview will have an advantage on auction day.  The more time one has to look closely at the shelf-lots, the more valuable books one will discover.  Also, the amount of books to be sold is astounding.  It will take a day to just scratch the surface.  Those with more time will be less overwhelmed by the volume and will be able to take a more methodical approach to the preview.


2.  Give yourself ample time for load-out of lots won.  Boxing the books will take some time, and our staff will accompany each winning bidder when they collect their lots.  It would be a good idea to give yourself an extra day after the sale to collect lots if you are planning on buying large quantities.


3.  After the preview (ending the 9th), no lots will be available for inspection.  The auction will be held in building #4, and other buildings will be locked down.  Building 4 will be roped off so that bidders will not be allowed to wander outside of the bidding area.  This is, of course, for security.  However, about 30 mintues before we begin to auction each building, we will have a walk-through.  Bidders will be led by the staff to walk the rows and see the lots one last time;  however, no touching or inspecting will be allowed by bidders at this stage.


4.  Many have asked about security measures to keep bidders from trying to mix and match lots, and etc.  While there are some security measures we are taking that we cannot divulge, here is a brief overview:  Only registered bidders and their one guest will be allowed into the buildings.  No bags, purses, or other such items will be allowed.  Upon registration, each person will be given a pass that must be shown to staff upon entering the buildings.  Auction staff will be present in all buildings and will be watching closely.  The staff will be familiar with the lots as well.  Anyone caught mixing lots will be disqualified from bidding.  The final walk-through (discussed above) will serve the bidders by giving them that last look to be sure about the lots they are interested in.


5.  Security during load-out will also be provided.  First, we will offer the option for bidders to allow our staff to box their lots during the sale.  This is recommended because it will save bidders time and work, and it will be secure.  For those who prefer to box their lots themselves, each bidder will need to be accompanied by an auction staff member.  This will ensure that no buyers, purposely or by accident, box up books belonging to another bidder.  These steps, and the security measures mentioned above, may slow things down a bit, but it is important to us that each bidder's property is secure!   



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