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                                   Consignment Guide



*Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we may only be able to respond to submissions which meet criteria for consignment.  Rest assured that we review each submission carefully.  If you do not hear back from us within 2 business days, then this likely means that your item(s) would not be right for our auction




Books in and of themselves are very common.   As a general rule, we consign only rare, antiquarian and collectible books;  this would exclude, among other things, text books, comic books, Reader's Digest books, incomplete sets, and common modern books (or general "used books.")


While there are always exceptions, books which are rare and valuable are typically found in collections which belonged to someone who collected rather seriously and spent a relatively large amount of money for each book.  In other words, if you bought a particular book for $10, then it is likely worth about $10.  Garage-sale gold-strikes happen more often on TV rather than in real-life.  So, before submitting books to us, consider where the books came from and how much was spent.  If you did not spend much money for the book, then the odds are extremely low that it is very rare or valuable.  If you inherited a collection of books (which is very common), consider whether or not that relative was a serious collector and whether or not that person would have spent large amounts acquiring those books. 


If you don't really know much about rare books but want to find more information about the types of books that tend to be rare and of value, you may want to browse through the catalogues of some of our previous auctions.